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Steelemack Strategies mission is to support student athletes and their families in their collegiate baseball recruiting process regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, or ethnicity.


Our partnership programs look to extend our ability to serve all student athletes!

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The First base Foundation is a 501(c)-3 who aims to make travel baseball more affordable, transforming lives through positive mentorship, and combats inequality by providing a healthy space for student athletes with diverse backgrounds.

"As someone with first-hand experience on the matter, Mack understands that the baseball recruiting process is challenging and stressful for families who are unfamiliar with how the recruiting timeline functions and how best to approach communication between players and college coaches. Steelemack Strategies will educate and assist your family in creating a road map with concrete guidance that puts your student athlete in a position to be recruited while helping you understand and pursue the opportunities available." 

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