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Collegiate Baseball Advisory Steelemack Strategies
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College Baseball Advisory

Advisory specializing in collegiate baseball placement for student athletes regardless of race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background.

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Founder of  Steelemack Strategies.

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I have been involved in the game of baseball for over 15 years.

I am a former baseball player that played at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. I attended high school in the Bay Area for two years, before transferring to a boarding school in Florida, IMG Academy.

Following my high school graduation, I played collegiate baseball at the Division 1 level at the University of San Francisco, while achieving a bachelor's degree in business. I then played at the University of Virginia while earning a master’s degree in higher education. Following my collegiate baseball career, I played two seasons of professional baseball with the San Francisco Giants organization. 

What Ive Done
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Why Steelemac Strgy

Why I started Steelemack Strategies?

The recruiting process for me started to unfold as I progressed into my sophomore year in High School. I attended multiple showcases at colleges, minor league complexes, and amateur fields. When I attended these recruitment events, I was extremely naive because no one else in my family played college baseball, let alone professional baseball. ​

I had no guidance on the various avenues to pursue in college baseball. This left me with endless questions.  My pursuit to play college baseball became a process that was full of many unknowns, questions, and frustrations.

Is steelemack right for you

What can 
Steelemack Strategies 
provide you?

My goal is to provide a voice of reason and guidance through the college baseball recruiting process. My services will be uniquely individualized for your situation.   (Book Now) 


I will help you decide which schools you should target based on your academic and athletic goals. I will also provide you with the necessary steps to position yourself in front of the right coaches and decision makers, enabling you to find your best opportunity in college baseball.

lets get started




I will provide a free consultation with the player (client) and their parents.

This consultation will provide you with preliminary guidance concerning the college baseball recruiting process.


During the consultation we will discuss my expertise plus my experience as an amateur baseball player.

We can then briefly discuss your timeline and goals, as well as address any questions you may have about the process.

San Francisco Giants

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